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Def a fake and fraud. I tried selling a kitchen in Sweden…and ”she” lives on a boat in Bermuda, has no access to her accounts etc…wants the payment through paypal and this is what she wrote. Do not deal with this person.

”I lived in Sweden before i moved to UK, so i speak a little Swedish
but not very well. 😀
I’m happy to have the payment details from you,I will make the payment
through paypal payment service as soon as possible and when i have
completed the payment i will send you an email to let you know,also
paypal will send you email okay ?.Secondly i want to inform you that
the pick up agent that will come and pick up from you after i have
made the payment said that he will collect 4 000sek for the service
(Pick the merchandise from you and deliver it in England) so that
means that i will make total payment of 15 500sek + 4 000sek = 19
500sek for you,so after you get the payment you can help me pay the
pick up agent.I hope you understand that ?

Note : The reason I want you to help me pay the pick up agent is
because the pick up agent company only accept western union as there
payment method and right now i’m at work on the sea at Bermuda and
there is no western union,so after you have gotten the payment i hope
you can help me make the payment to the pick up agent without any
delay ? …”