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Lähetin aiemmin mainitulle henkilölle, Bent Jay, postia että haluan myydä ”item’in” 1200€.
Sain juuri allaolevan vastauksen, Eipä tiedä (bentjay12.gmail.com) mitä on ostamassa mutta ei se kyllä haittaa, en minäkään tiedä mitä olisin myymässä:)

Viestit uusin ylimpänä!

To: Pane Hanuri

Hello Friend,

Thanks for your response,Am ok with your price and I need you to understand that i am willing and ready to purchase it right away, put it off the AD site, consider me

as your favorite buyer, and Please note that i live in England but right now am in Astor on the sea and due to my work as a marine engineer,I will not be able to come

to view the merchandise or come for the pick up but i have a shipper/mover who handles my shipping arrangement anywhere in the world and i will make all

transportation preparations for it to be transported to were i curently based in NIGERIA. If possible can you send me some recent picture?,My shipper will be coming for the

pickup, after you have received payment, which would be through by my bank so get back to me with the payment information below, account number:
account Name:
social security number:
bank name:
Name of the item:
Total Cost of the item:
so after the payment is complete i will email you becurse i can not be able to call you due to the nature of my work phone call is not allowed so you need to be cheking your email time to time hour to hour becurse when i don with the transfer i will email you back about the comfirmation.


Hi, You have sent me a text message.
Are You still interested my item?


I still got the item, is 1200€ ok?