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Nyt luulin jo myyneeni autoni hyvään hintaan. Piru vie, kun olin monta päivää huijattavana. Vasta tämä viesti herätti:
Mrs Tornqvist Sarah Martina


I have just completed the payment,And you should have received a confirmation email from paypal in regards to the payment.If you could please re-send me the address to where i will send the courier company for the pick up,After you received and confirmed the total funds into your Bank Account,So that i can provide them with it.The company that I will be dealing with is wwc(World Wide Courier) I have dealt with them many times before and found them to be very efficient & Reliable.

As you may have noticed I have made an additional payment on top of all the other charges,The sum of 2,000 EURO.This needs to be sent to the courier company which can easily be done through Western Union Money Trasnfer to the shipping agent.This is their requested form of payment when it comes to dealing with international exchanges.Upon receiving the payment they will arrange to pick up within the next 48 hours.They will probably call you and choose the date the pick up will be made,Which reminds me if you could also send me your contact number again i will forward it to them so they can arrange a convenient pick up time.

The Shipping agent fees will have to be sent to the wwc(World Wide Courier)Via Western Union Money Transfer which you will need to do,However as you see you will be reimbursed as soon as the funds will clear through Bank account.

The amount that I have just transferred to you is on hold through paypal as they need the Western Union receipt to confirm the courier company has been paid.Once they received that then the payment will be cleared into your Bank account.Just to reassure you that the amount has already left my account and simply being held by Paypal until the transaction is completed successfully.

Here is The information you need in order to complete the payment via Western Union Money Transfer listed below:

Name : David Cooker
Address : Road Wwc Office 1, first floor, Indigo 8 Building Al Manara
City : Dubai
State : AE
Zip Code: 033
Country : United Arab Emirates.

Thanks for the understanding and co-operating in the matter.All the other paperwork & documents changes will be completed by the pick-up agent.Please transfer the money as soon as possible so that we can arrange everything without delay.(don’t forget I need the pick-up address and also if you could provide me with your phone number too that will be great)Nice doing business with you. Look forward to hearing from you soon and completing our deal.

Kind regards,