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Kleinbussin myyjä

Tuli tekstiviesti +61427710077 numerosta että onko vielä myytävänä, vastasin että on ja sain vastauksen.


Thanks for getting back to me, I am happy with the condition and the price. I will be paying directly through Bank to Bank transfer or via PayPal. I’m currently working overseas in the Mining Outskirts of Bosnia with my Company euro max resources so I wont be able to come and do things personally,But I’ll make sure that all costs will be fully covered by me and I will arrange for the pick up and document changes. I have a Courier agent that handles this all the time. I’ll add the 4.6% paypal surcharge to the total amount I’m paying you. If you could just send me a paypal payment invoice or create an account at http://www.paypal.com if you don’t already have one. I will make a confirmed pick up arrangement with my Courier shipping agent who will be coming over for pick up once you receive full payment into your Bank account or your PayPal account. My shipping agent will handle everything perfectly & take care of all documents whenever they come for the pick up, as I mentioned before I have used them before and trust that they know exactly what they are doing.

Please can you provide me with the following information:

PayPal Email address
Cell Phone No
Total Amount


Account Name
Bank Name
Account Number
Total Amount

As soon as you get back to me with the info I will make the payment and instruct my agent to handle all documents and pick up. Excited to be dealing with you.