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I want you to know that am very interested in purchasing this from you. i am ok with the present condition of the vehicle and thanks for being considerate with the price.I am ok with the price as well. At present I am currently out of town due to the work I do.I so much love to to purchase this car that i dot want to lose it to another customer,and since am out of town right now ,If you wont mind, i can make payment for the car via Paypal and including any other charges. and after i have made the payment for the car and you have confirmed the payment in your Paypal account, then i would make arrangement for a private courier company to come to your address for the documentation and shipment of the car on my behalf.i will take care of the transport expenses so you have noting to worry about. The reason I choose paypal is that it is a reliable and secure way of making a payment online so works out better for both parties.

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