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Johnny Be Good

Tälläistä sontaa: selkeä yritys saada PayPal-kusetus läpi…
Jason Stackhouse [stlouisvittonto@gmail.com] kirjoitti:
I saw your ad and I am interested in buying from you.I am based
at(Baltic Sea,Daugava)And work as an engineer on the ships so I will
not be able to come personally. However,What I will do is transfer you
the amount through Paypal and also any additional transfer charges.I
will cover everything so you don’t have to worry. I will send a
private courier company which will come to pick up from the address
you will provide to me once you receive & Confirm the payment funds
into your account,My shipping agent will handle everything perfectly
whenever they come for the pick up after you received and confirmed
the total funds into your PayPal account,All the papers and changes of
the documents will be arrange by my shipping agent whenever they come
for the pick up at your location.I have provided you with my
information below:
Full Name : Jason Stackhouse
Country Address: Richard Mortensens Vej 61, 2300 Copenhagen
Current Location : Baltic Sea
Passport # : 20477120
In order for me to make the payment I need the following information from
Name :
Your PayPal e-Mail Address :
Amount :
Phone Number :
Look forward to your prompt reply,
Kind regards,