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Samaisen Ralp Evansin kanssa tuli täälläkin asioitua. Yhteydenotto oli nettiveneen kautta, ja kaupat syntyivät ennen kuin siitä edes sovittiin.

I have just completed the Payment of the Boat and i am sure you
have received the confirmation from PayPal regarding the Payment, you
can check your e-mail for confirmation of payment and you can also
speak with a PayPal Agent to confirm the payment on +447024039147.I
want you to send me your address so that the pick up can be arranged,
the Boat would be picked up by the Courier Exchange Logistics
Company which I’ve been using for a while and they’re very reliable.I
made an extra €800.00EUR and i am sure you noticed that,You’ll have
to send the extra amount to the Shipping Company through Western Union
as soon as possible,So that they can come ahead for the pick up and
also you should send the necessary Western Union Payment Information
to PayPal for verification so that they can release the money to your asap.I
will need you to send the excess fund to my pick up agent Headquarters
where they normally confirm any commission payment to via western
union money transfer http://www.westernunion.com . Here is the info needed to
send the money through Western Union.

Name : Crag Matthew
Address : East Quay Plaza, 174 Marsh Wall,
City : London
State:United Kingdom
Postal Code : E14 9SR
Country : England

I would like you to send me your full contact for the pick-up, You
should send the money soon so that the Pick Up would be scheduled and
you would know when the Pick Up would commence,Make sure you’re home.
So just make sure you send the extra amount to the Shipping Company
asap so that you can get your money immediately.
It’s Nice Doing Business With You.

Seuraavanlaisia viestejä paypal suorituksista tulee meiliin ”melkein oikeasta” osoitteesta

Aihe: Information on how to complete your recent transaction with PayPal Transaction ID: 4WR6072127779652U
Lähettäjä: ”service@paypal.co.uk”