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  • Hak

    Sama tyyppi/tyypit edelleen ongella.. Huvittavaa etteivät edes muuta syntymäaikaansa, vaikka nimi ja osoite vaihtuukin.

    I want you to know that am very interested in purchasing this from you. i am ok with the present condition of the boat and thanks for being considerate with the price. At present I am currently out of town due to the work I do, I am based in Calais and work as an engineer on ships. Now what I propose to you is this; Due to the fact that I am so far away right now I will gladly transfer you the amount via PayPal plus any excess transfer charges, what I would then also do is arrange for a private courier company to pick up from your address once you have received the payment into your Paypal
    account. The reason I choose paypal is that it is a reliable and secure way of making a payment online so works out better for both parties.

    Nmae;Grand Fox
    Date of Birth:
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    Stuart House, Eskmills Business Park, Musselburgh EH21 7PB.Scotland
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    So in order to enable me to proceed with the payment could you please provide me with the following information:

    Your PayPal e-Mail Address :
    Phone Number

    Kind regards,