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Search for older & used Finnish sea charts series D & B , A , E F G , (C)

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  • germanSailor

    I search for following chart series of Finland:

    Series D + B are of most importance this summer for me :

    D : Turunmaan saaristo/Åbolands skärgård
    B : Helsinki – Parainen/Helsingfors – Pargas

    But in the longer run I have also interest for following series:

    A : Viipuri – Helsinki/Viborg – Helsingfors

    E : Bottenhavet/Selkämeri
    F : Kvarken/Merenkurkku
    G : Bottenviken/Perämeri

    C : Ahvenanmaa/Åland
    This chart series C I own already as older publication and I have sailed already in 2004, September, to Mariehamn/Aaland.
    If you should have C also as older publication and you want to sell it together with the other older publications completely, I would take C also,
    if you write me about the year of that publication of C.

    All of these seachart series A , B , D , E , F , G , (C) could be quite

    old, eg. from the early 90s for example , I would take them for a reasonable low price.
    Each series should be complete with all corresponding charts.
    Please write me, which series (and which year of publication) you can offer me.
    Postage to Germany and a little price I would like to pay, of course.
    Maybe if you don’t have such older charts, you know somebody or another Finnish boat forum ?

    Many thanks in advance and always smooth sailing !
    Best Regards

    My email address for contacting me:
    ghohaus at gmx . de

    Please leave out the blank spaces between gmx . de , of course, and at = @ ,
    because of anti-spam for my email-address.

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